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Secret Steampunks

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The Secret Steampunks are a collection of 2100 unique NFTS. 3 factions with 700 high-quality 3D NFTs each. 3 factions, one mission, keep it secret.

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Our goal is to set the standard for secret NFTs. Not only do we have unique high value NFTs, we also have physical products, a play and earn game, a token and much more.


If you haven't heard of the Secret Steampunks yet, you're not the only one, even though they've been living among us for quite a while, almost no one knows about them. This is an advantage of the Secret NFTs as the privacy of each individual NFT is protected. But back to the Secret Steampunks,
They lived in "Tac" a city of researchers and developers  located in the center of "Drogan" Island. The city is surrounded by towering mountains followed by the lush forests of Mamut that secludes it from the outside world. Tac is a city of progress with robots, humans, and animals coexist harmoniously under the leadership of King Abraham 3rd.

Everyone in tac lived harmoniously togheter, but everything changed one day when King Abraham 3rd died of a mysterious illness. Dr. Toxin temporarily took the throne as reagent. He imprisoned the entire royal family and any soldiers with power which he enforced with a new generation of robots. The new generation of robots, programmed by Dr. Toxin, made all other robots obsolete.

Dr. Toxin’s new kingdom tore down the prosperity and peace as he taxed half of the poor’s income, locked away animals, and had the old robots rounded up and then destroyed. He replaced all of Tac’s soldiers with the new robots as they were far more superior. Wanting the world his way, Dr. Toxin didn’t stop there, and started having Mamut cut down. 

A few humans, animals, and old robots have escaped the city and fled to the " Mamut" forest to start a secret guild known as the "Secret Resistance" . The goal of the "Secret Resistance" is to free the once prosperous and peaceful kingdom.

Join the guild, but keep it secret!


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Many 100 of years ago, people were seeking for rewards that were swimming around in the sea and they came across an unknown island. When they found the island, they explored and populated it. They built the first cities as well as robots to help them in their work.


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At the beginning, the robots were only built for the work. However, the technology developed quickly, so they managed to build the first intelligent robots. The robots began to understand the world and pondered over the essence of their lives. They became poets and thinkers, and they, since then, lived side by side with humans and animals.


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In an inexplicable way, the animals populated the island even more than the humans. This greatly astonished the people. The animals originally lived in the huge forest of the island. When the people came, the animals helped them in building the city and lived harmoniously in it with the people and robots.




Secret Tactics Club

Every early nft holder is invited to the secret tactics club. Since the game is intended for the general public, everyone will have the opportunity to play the game. As such, we create a better gaming experience for every player and multiply the opportunities to earn money with it. You will find more on this in the whitepaper.

Members of the club will also have many advantages over other players. On the one hand, there will be special airdrops, prize draws, as well as the opportunity to participate in the token Ico. Every member will also be invited to the beta test, and will be allowed to vote on game decisions. Our team is always ready to listen to any Secret tactics Club member, if you have any suggestions feel free to share them and perhaps we would start a vote on it.


Secret Tactics Game

The game, like the nft collection, was planned in secret and is still being worked on. Our goal is to build a unique game that convinces with its graphic quality and fun, rather than a short-term hype, in order to appeal to the masses and draw attention to the Secret Network.

Here is a brief summary of the game:
In the game, you can build a unique team of up to 4 characters; each character belonging to its own class and faction. The goal here is to build a tactically strong team and to win against your opponents. There are hundreds of team combinations through the 3 factions and the individual stats, as well as through the classes and unique skills of each character.

The characters can be drawn from each factions box, and have different ranks from normal to legendary. We are also working on a p2e system. Tournaments and team modes will follow,
however, everything is explained in detail in our whitepaper


In-game avatars

The nfts can be used as an in-game avatar. Not only do they make your profile unique, they also offer you various advantages in battle. Your tactics are important here, for example, if you have set a bull as your avatar, each of your characters from the animal faction will be healed by a certain percentage at the end of the round. In the whitepaper, we will explain the exact advantages and tactical possibilities that this gives you.



After we have briefly explained the scrt tactics game, we will come to the airdrops. In the next 6 to 12 months, we will release 3 collections, each containing 6-12 in-game characters. The characters will be obtained by opening the Secret tactics boxes. You have 1 free mint per NFT. If you hold 3 or more nfts, you will get 1 additional free mint, in addition to your attributed free mints.


Secret tactics Comic

NFT owners will receive a free ebook version of the comic book, based on the story of the Secret Tactics game. Anyone who does not own an NFT can purchase the comic book from the in-game shop.

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